Markus Nieden

Markus Nieden

Markus Nieden, Fine & Performing Arts ,

is welcoming you kindly on my Website!.

With  more than 35 years  of  artistic experience

in drawing, painting, sculpture,mixed media,theater directing, acting, film

i m always ready  to share it all

with other artists and transform it into  a creative collaboration!

As a visual artist and project organiser of cultural issues

for more than 15  years  , I have focused  especially on  eastern and western european artistic collaborations

by  featuring various  topics and selected sujets.

These projects all have been supported by  various funding foundations like

the Robert-Boschstiftung ,Berlin  and others. .

I am always ready to cooperate  with different kind of  NGO`s , arts  centres ,galleries,

arts exposition organisers, filmmakers and visual or performing artists,

In order to  initiate  expositions or create interdisciplinary productions.

In effective little Project teams  we  have developed crossover works of unique formats,

presented within the framework of international festivals,

symposiums or other cultural events,having

taken place in Prague, Czech Republic,  ( „HOTEL RED CELLO“  at FRINGE FESTIVAL PRAHA),


Cracow, Poland , („DRUNKEN DIVA „).Odessa, Ukraine  („ODESSA LAST STOP“)

and  in Karlsruhe,Germany .(„POET`S CABARET“-„BLACK SEA BLUES“)

It`s about combining many diverse cultural ideas to create an artistic consensus!

At my Website here ,   by clickin on section „Projects“  you can find some examples of our  international projectwork

and  on „Weekly Update “ you` ll get informed    on  actually

running  expositions,  upcoming  performances or other current events

being organised  by  our actually creative  team in charge  !

If you want to get connected, i invite you kindly to leave some contact datas

and describing me shortly your talents and  ideas for a   possibly shared artistic experience

in the contact field below!

Thanks so much for your being interested !

Markus Nieden.

Karneval Variation III, Detail, 1996

Karneval Variation III,
Detail, 1989