Arts As Expression Of Diversity – A FilmDocumentary – Ukr/Polish/Ger-Coproduction


Chess Players ,Lviv,Ukraine Foto, sept,2014

Chess Players ,Lviv,Ukraine
Foto, sept,2014

Chess Players, Acrylics, 2014

Chess Players,
Acrylics, 2014

Some Impressions of our Masterclass in Filmmaking,

held by Willy Rolle´and Markus Nieden in Poland, may/june 2015

in the framework of  our trinational projectwroclaw15 009

„Arts As Expression Of Diversity – A FilmDocumentary “


trying out character postures

trying out character postures

working on a storyboard

working on a storyboard

working on a storyboard

working on a storyboard

" 2 Minutes" -shortmovie Busstop as a film location, with Holy JJ (left)

“ 2 Minutes“ -shortmovie Busstop as a film location,
with Holy JJ (left)

"Two Magicians-One Love" ,scenes from the clip,Wroclaw15

„Two Magicians-One Love“ ,scenes from the clip,Wroclaw15

in cooperation with ART MOST Dnepropetrovsk

in cooperation with ART MOST Dnepropetrovsk

after the show ...

after the show …


„Arts As Expression Of Diversity „

East And Western Artists Unite Without Borders- A Filmdocumentary in 3 parts and 3 countries.

(April 2015-april 2016)

„Laskavo prosymo-Vitaj-Willkommen!“ – Welcome to our international film documentary project

„Art as Expression of Diversity!“

-East And Western Artists Unite Without Borders

The Documentary Trilogy will be consisting of three

several parts,of which the first will take place in Ukraine:

(April15),the second in Poland (May/June15)

and third one in Germany (Jan16)

In Ukraine ,there s actually a new atmosfere of liberty and selfexpression.

With the fall of the last authocratic ukrainian government,

the people have been liberated to express their spontaneous feelings ,opinions ,demands and desires.

Average people have started to revolte against main stream

dictates of social conformity by creating their own artistic


Markus Nieden, project director, having travelled in Ukraine extensively and passionate  for its culture and people,

will be collaborating with other writers, actors, artists,filmmakers  from Ukraine,Poland and Germany.



Markus Nieden,Karlsruhe/Kiew:

Project Organiser, Screenwriter,Actor

Willy Rollé,  Filmteacher  and  -maker,Stuttgart:

Partners &Funders:

Filmboard Karlsruhe

Stadt Karlsruhe, Kulturamt

DPJW  -Deutsch-Polnisches Jugendwerk Potsdam.


Our Goal / About the project


The project will put together  all kinds of artistic expression like short Drama  episodes , storytelling ,environmental,spontaneous or classical art as painted portraits ,all to be documented as arts originals in the film itself,conceived by trinational young People

working together in a Film-Workshop,held in Poland 2015.

At the same time,we want to explore how Poland and Germany, both EU countries, are dealing with the After Revolution

Ukraine : How do they perceive and reflect this Eu-Membership aspiring country,

somehow trapped between eastern and western frontlines?

To portray all this,we will narrate some life stories based

on our experiences having achieved our trinational Poland Workshop.

Some selected stories , turned into film episodeswill be set in unique places,

such as an old hotel close to the Black Sea and the port in Odessa,

in Kiew-Capital , hosted by a local Theater school in Kyiv   ,

and in other significant places, in cooperation  with further  people open to such topic

of the project-relating countries .

The main goal of our documentary is to be free from western or eastern bias and propaganda.


3.Project`s Outcome

The Movie itself, after being completed, will have its first premiere within a cultural program format, presumingly

at the   „INDEPENDENT FILM DAYS „, Karlsruhe, in April2016.

Finally, we`re aiming to appear with our Film in some designed Documentary Festival in-and outside Europe.









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