„Odessa Last Stop“- Ucrainian/German Arts Project 2012

Odessa-Signet, 2012

Odessa-Signet, 2012

Artists in residence project  in 2 Parts:

1st „Odessa -Last Stop“-, Residency of  German Artists in Cooperation with Canaya Fabrica,

Multicultural Arts Centr,Odessa,Ua

2d  „Arts Export Odessa“ 2012,

Group Exhibition  of various artists from West- and Eastern origin, Fleischmarkthalle Karlsruhe,  funded by European Cultural Foundation -Nl, Mitost- Berlin ,Ger , and Cultural Department Stadt Karlsruhe.

two masked girls ,innocent comedian and artist,congregating spontaneously  at“Humorina  Parade“ ,Odessa 1st of apr 2012

Odessa Humorina, Oil/Canvas,2012

Odessa Humorina,

Skrebka musikant,acrylics 2012

Skrebka musikant,acrylics 2012

stary odesky chelloveka , acrylics,crayons 2012

stary odesky chelloveka ,
acrylics,crayons 2012

Chess players, Odessa, Pencils,Watercolours, 2013

Chess players, Odessa,

Odessa Teatr, mixed media,2012

Odessa Teatr,
mixed media,2012

"Odessa Balloons", Oil/Canvas,2012

„Odessa Balloons“,

watch Project Video Documentation below:

As its been repeated so many times that Odessa is Ukraine s most charming city,

an old fellow of mine and me ,both passionate since long time for the so-called

„Pearl of the Black Sea“,-decided to find out by our own at last, to discover and

document in some way the treasures and beauties of this legendary city,to explore,

what stands behind it´s magic name,of which ,as a tribute to it s special appeal,

eight cities in the world were named after Odessa as well.

In fact,throughout it s moving history,Odessa has lured so many other travellers,

artists,poets ,and even radical dissidents for which purposes however-

so we felt in good companionship while being there.

Masterpieces of world architecture like the famous opera house ,

splendid examples of churches of various religions

the huge port,with its unique acces via the famous potyomkin stairs,

endless sunny seashores without too much tourism on it,

such unique events like the Odessean Humorina or Jazz Carnival

as a result of the jovial citizens and their legendary Odessean humour

which traces are to be find also in their daily life ,all time long

and last but not least ,the often praised ucrainian beautiful women

were captivating us enough to go deeper into this matter.

Our aim was to have a more personal approach ,to get in touch with local people,

share their opionions,life conditions ,and furthermore,as we re very involved in the arts in some way,

even to initiate and build an international cooperation with some local artists of Odessa,

located at the edge of the continent ,seemingly far from Europe:

„Odessa -Last Stop.“



More of this story….COMING SOON HERE!

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