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update (06-07-16)

„HOTEL STORIES“ Theatre and Filmproject!
Krzyżowa 11-20.07.2016
Call for Participants!!!!!
Within the framework of our „HOTEL STORIES“ project, that combines theater and
film, we `re actually offering an international theatre workshop/masterclass,
running in Krzysowa,Poland from 11th to 20d of july 2016.
Directed by Markus Nieden Theatre pedagogic and Team. The project will be
funded by the DPJW-Potsdam,so its about 70% for Free to join!
Fundacja Krzyżowa dla Porozumienia Europejskiego (PL)
(Stiftung Kreisau für Europäische Verständigung)
11.07. – 20.07.2016
Who are we looking for:
All interested kind of german or polish students,young People,16-26 years old:
interested in acting, singing, dancing,as well as any kind of musicians !
No matter if amateur or professional,with or without theatre experience
– all are invited kindly to this workshop!
Basic english language knowledge would be welcome !
Translation help in russian,polish or german is provvided.
Who are we?
We`re a sympathic project team, supported by the „Deutsch/Polnische
Jugendwerk“- Potsdam, open for new ways of artistic crossover-creations,
especially interested in bringing together eastern and western young europeans
for cultural issues.
What do we offer?
– a valuable theatre /etudes /storytelling experience, with the attendance to a
performance at the end of the project!.
– the covering of all costs about 70 %
– full reimboursement of travelling expenses from Hometown to Krzyżowa ,PL
(to be payed out after the workshop has been accomplished, according to your
bustickets, more infos by email)
– have time between 11th and 20th of july ,2016 (arrival day 11th-departure day 20
of july!)
– to contribute to the workshop with :
9×85 PLNper person /day, including all workshopcosts
lodging/food/ and party night catering:
Total 765 PLN = 174 Eur
10x45PLN ,Total 405 PLN = 92 Eur
– Ukrainians ALREADY SOLD OUT!
– have some english language knowledge ,but not mandatory!
– have some basic european health insurance card,
valid id-card
– are interested in avantguarde theatreplay
– are open for a nonprofit artistic experience
– are ready for voluntary teamwork
– and for taking with you and sharing some souvenirs, objects
of your travelling experiences
(suitcase or bag filled with travel
notes,postcards,cds ,flags,tourist books, -souvenirs etc)
– take some good clothes,shoes,raincoat etc suitable for our staying in Krzyżowa
region! (as we will spend some time in the countryside,doing hiking, etc.)
The masterclass will be held by Markus Nieden, theatre pedagogigs teacher and
fine / performing artist,Germany.
If you`re interested, please contact us first for your registration, till 30th of june 2016
DEADLINE!; by email to:,
adding some short infos (fullname,age,hometown)about you !
And hurry up,as there s only few places left for germans
and polish students!
for more infos and updates,please join our Projectsite:
related websites:

about the Workshop Place:
Fundacja Krzyżowa dla Porozumienia Europejskiego
(Stiftung Kreisau für Europäische Verständigung)
funding partner:





previous  Theater  and Film productions:



"Chelsea Hotel"-Szenenfoto,2006

„Chelsea Hotel“,2006


Czech/German Coproduction  2007,

funded by  Deutsch Tschechisch Zukunftsfonds, Praha,

Stadt Karlsruhe, Kulturamt.

theater scenes

Scene from „Hotel Modest – A Poet s Cabaret“,2007

Scene from "Hotel Modest - A Poet s Cabaret",2007

Scene from „Hotel Modest – A Poet s Cabaret“,2007,

Ekaterina Isachenko,(Singing ,Acting ) and Leo Schneider(,Accordeon)

Waitress /Ekaterina Isachenko, Orgelfabrik2007

Waitress /Ekaterina Isachenko,

Scenery For Hotel Modest, Background Decoration, Pappmache´sTabor 2007

Scenery For Hotel Modest,
Background Decoration,
Pappmache´sTabor 2007

Scenery For "HOTEL MODEST",Tabor 2006

Scenery For „HOTEL MODEST“,Tabor 2006

Watch Sample of  „Hotel Modest-Poet´s Cabaret “

Theater-Scenes ,of the Orgelfabrik Production, 2007,

Featuring Ekaterina Isachenko,Ivo Maly,Leo Schneider  & Others:



Hotel Red Cello,Praha2009

Hotel Red Cello,Praha2009

tereza,divadlo kamen,Praha 2009

tereza,divadlo kamen,Praha 2009

Night Porter alias Frank Schaar,HOtel Red Cello, Orgelfabrik,2009

Night Porter alias Frank Schaar,Hotel Red Cello, Orgelfabrik,2009

Collage Motif Hotel Red Cello,Orgelfabrik,2009

Collage Motif Hotel Red Cello,Orgelfabrik,2009

Hotel Red Cello-Fringe Prague theater play by Markus Nieden

„Hotel Red Cello“-Czech -English-German Theater play
by Markus Nieden
Fringe Theater Festival,Praha,2011
Featuring Rob Gilmor,
Boris Wilcke and Nicola Pavone


Strange Hotel Guests

Strange Hotel Guests

Strange Hotel Guests,Part2

Strange Hotel Guests,Part2

still from"Hotel Stories ", Andrea Ochsenfeld Directing 2014

still from“Hotel Stories „,
Andrea Ochsenfeld Directing 2014