Scenes From Ukraine

Sevastopol Port Scene,Pastels 2009

Sevastopol Port Scene,Pastels 2009

Chernigivskye Chenchine,colour pencils,2012

Chernigivskye Chenchine,colour pencils,2012

„Snapshots “ or Scenes From Ukraine of average Ukrainians, struggling to sur

vive, observed in unique places, such as a Concert Hall, an Odessa hotel and Scenes at the Black Sea. A Kind Of „Black Sea Blues“, performed by Ukrainian s way of life.

Lancheron -Odessa Scene, Acrylics, 2013

Lancheron -Odessa Scene,
Acrylics, 2013

"Fisherman in Odesa"

Balloon Lady, at Yalta, Mixed Media 2013

Balloon Lady,
at Yalta, Mixed Media 2013


„Waiting for My Man..“- Oil/ Cardboard, 2014


Odessa Mama,2011 mixed media

Odessa Mama,2011
mixed media

,Acrylics-M.Nieden 12

,Acrylics-M.Nieden 12

Fishermen ,Lancheron Odessa 2013

Odessa- Lancheron, Acrylics,2013

Odessa- Lancheron,

Old Hotel in Ukraine

Hotel Dnepropetrovsk

Hotel Dnepropetrovsk- Detail

Hotel Dnepropetrovsk-

Dnepro-Cleaning Service, acrylics,2014

Dnepro-Cleaning Service,


Kontraktova Ploshid,Kiew

Kontraktova Ploshid,Kiew

"Porter Pub"

"Dzyga Bar-Lviv",Drawing 2015

„Dzyga Bar-Lviv“,Drawing 2015

Podil-Kiew Scene, Pencils, 2015

Podil-Kiew Scene,
Pencils, 2015

Bench Sitting, Kiew, Pencils,2015

Bench Sitting, Kiew,

Dog Love, Pencils,2015

Dog Love,

Girl in a Hostel, Acrylics, 2015

Girl in a Hostel,
Acrylics, 2015

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    • Djenkuje bardso , Dear Visitor Lady from Poland!
      i guess, i found a sistersoul in you-given the fact
      that my paintings are moving you so much.
      Schönheit liegt ja immer auch im Auge des Betrachters,welcher nur das zu erkennen und
      schön zu finden vermag, was auch Teil seiner selbst , in ihm selbst angelegt ist…

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